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19th International Workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems


Tuesday, September 17th

08:50-09:00 Opening of the workshop
09:00-10:00 Invited talk
Pedro de Oliveira: Conceptual connections around density determination in cellular automata.
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:00 Olivier Bouré, Nazim Fatès, Vincent Chevrier: A robustness approach to study metastable behaviours in a lattice-gas model of swarming.
11:00-11:30 Ramon Alonso-Sanz: Elementary cellular automata with memory of delay type.
11:30-11:50 Witold Bołt, Jan M. Baetens, Bernard De Baets: Identifying CAs with evolutionary algorithms.
11:50-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-14:30 Ville Salo and Ilkka Törmä: Commutators of bipermutive and affine cellular automata.
14:30-15:00 Alberto Leporati and Luca Mariot: 1-Resiliency of bipermutive cellular automata rules.
15:00-15:20 Jarkko Kari and Kuize Zhang: Two transitive cellular automata and their strictly temporally periodic points.
15:20-15:50 Coffee break
15:50-16:10 Véronique Terrier: Linear acceleration for one-dimensional cellular automata.
16:10-16:30 Thomas Worsch: Standardizing the set of states and the neighborhood of asynchronous cellular automata.
18:00 Get together

Wednesday, September 18th

09:00-10:00 Invited talk
Enrico Formenti: Exploring m-asynchronous cellular automata.
10:00-10:30 Coffee break
10:30-11:00 Fritz von Haeseler and Hidenosuke Nishio: On polynomial rings in information dynamics of linear CA.
11:00-11:30 Ville Salo and Ilkka Törmä: Color blind cellular automata.
11:30-11:50 Jarkko Kari, Ville Salo and Ilkka Törmä: Surjective two-neighbor cellular automata on prime alphabets.
11:50-14:00 Lunch break
14:00-15:00 Invited tutorial
Nazim Fatès: Turing, symmetry breakings and patterns - A tutorial on stochastic cellular automata.
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
15:30-15:50 Biswanath Sethi, Souvik Roy, Sukanta Das: Experimental study on convergence time of elementary cellular automata under asynchronous update.
15:50-16:10 Tetsuo Imai and Atsushi Tanaka: Analysis of discrete state space partitioned by the attractors of the dynamic network formation game model.
16:10-16:30 Shigeru Ninagawa and Genaro Martinez: Complexity analysis in cyclic tag system emulated by rule 110.
16:45-17:30 Business meeting of IFIP WG 1.5
17:45 Visit of a brewery (including beer tasting)

Thursday, September 19th

10:00-11:00 Invited talk
Nazim Fatès: A guided tour of asynchronous and stochastic cellular automata - A constructive role of randomness?
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-12:00 Tarek Melliti, Damien Regnault, Adrien Richard and Sylvain Sené: On the convergence of Boolean automata networks without negative cycles.
12:00-12:20 Pedro Montealegre and Eric Goles: Computational complexity of majority automata under different updating schemes.
12:20-14:30 Lunch break
14:30-15:00 Sandip Karmakar and Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury: Leakage squeezing using cellular automata.
15:00-15:20 Nazma Naskar, Sumit Adak, Sukanta Das: Identification of non-uniform periodic boundary cellular automata having only point states.
15:20-15:40 Oleksandr Makarenko: Cellular automata with strong anticipation property of elements.
19:00 Workshop Dinner

Andreas Malcher, 02.10.2013