Accepted Papers (in Random Order)

  • Tomas Masopust. Regulated Nondeterminism in PDAs: The Non-Regular Case

  • Bianca Truthe. Target Based Accepting Networks of Evolutionary Processors with Regular Filters

  • Hidenosuke Nishio. Automorphism Classification of Cellular Automata

  • Peter Leupold and Benedek Nagy. 5' -> 3' Watson-Crick Automata with Several Runs

  • Catalin Ionut Tirnauca. Model Syntax-Directed Translations by Tree Transducers

  • Felix Hamza-Lup and Ferucio Laurentiu Tiplea. An Automaton-based Formalism for Cooperative Augmented Reality Systems

  • Miklos Bartha. Equivalence relations of Mealy automata

  • Viliam Geffert, Carlo Mereghetti and Giovanni Pighizzini. One Pebble versus log(n) Bits

  • Luca Bernardinello, Carlo Ferigato, Lucia Pomello and Stefania Rombolà. Closure Operators Associated to Partially Ordered Sets

  • Galina Jiraskova and Pavol Olejar. State Complexity of Union and Intersection of Binary Suffix-Free Languages

  • Rudolf Freund, Marian Kogler and Sergey Verlan. P Automata with Controlled Use of Minimal Communication Rules

  • Peter Cerno and Frantisek Mraz. Clearing Restarting Automata

  • Jürgen Dassow, Gema M. Martin and Francisco J. Vico. Evolving under small disruption

  • Maria Paola Bianchi and Beatrice Palano. Events and Languages on Unary Quantum Automata

The camera-ready version up to 15 pages is due to July, 24th, 2009 (strict deadline) and must be prepared in the OCG-style (an example paper can be found here).