Registration and Accommodation

Registration and hotel reservation---we have reserved a number of rooms in the Hotel im. Jana Pawla II (ul. Sw. Idziege 2, 50-328 Wroclaw)---is done by sending email to

with the subject

"Registration for NCMA" or "Hotel reservation for NCMA."

A registration fee of Euro 50,-- will apply on the conference site. The mail should contain your name, affiliation, dates of arrival to and departure from Wroclaw, and give the type of room (single or double) you need. We will make the necessary arrangements with the hotel. Please send this mail as soon as possible, but not later than July 13. We cannot guarantee rooms for which no reservation has been made by that date.

Please visit the following websites for information on Visas and Regulations for travel to Poland and,requirements,2346.html.

As the workshop is being supported by the European Science Foundation (ESF), we are required to file a list containing the complete information on all participants with the ESF. Herewith we inform you that the information on all registered participants will be entered into the ESF database. Here is the corresponding quote from the ESF guidelines (cf. Recording of Participants): In order to obtain an accurate record of all ESF-funded participants, organisers are required to complete an electronic form on the ESF website with full coordinates of all meeting participants. Further information on the ways in which such information will be used by ESF can be found at In line with French law and with European Union directives on the protection of personal data, it is the organiser's responsibility to inform participants that their information is being entered into the ESF database.