Accepted Papers (in Random Order)

  • Christophe Morvan. Contextual graph grammars characterising Rational graphs

  • Peter Leupold and Friedrich Otto. On McNaughton Families of Languages Specified by Certain Variants of Monadic String-Rewriting Systems

  • Martin Plátek, František Mráz and Markéta Lopatková. Restarting Automata, and Dependencies by Functional Generative Description

  • Tomáš Záthurecký. Asynchronous and Irregular Cellular Automata

  • Jürgen Dassow and Bianca Truthe. On Networks of Evolutionary Processors with State Limited Filters

  • Erzsébet Csuhaj-Varjú, Tomás Masopust and György Vaszil. Blackhole State-Controlled Regulated Pushdown Automata

  • Vincent Levorato and Maxime Senot. Discrete Signal Machines via Pretopology---One Step From Signal Machines to Cellular Automata

  • Martin Huschenbett. A Kleene-Schützenberger theorem for trace series over bounded lattices

  • Maria Paola Bianchi, Carlo Mereghetti, Beatrice Palano and Giovanni Pighizzini. Probabilistic vs. Nondeterministic Unary Automata

  • Peter Drábik, Andrea Maggiolo Schettini and Paolo Milazzo. Dynamic Sync-Programs for Modular Verification of Biological Systems

  • Norbert Hundeshagen and Peter Leupold. Transducing by Observing

The camera-ready version up to 16 pages is due to July, 19th, 2010 (strict deadline) and must be prepared in the OCG-style (an example paper can be found here).