Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata

The CIAA conferences concern research on all aspects of implementation and application of automata and related structures, including theoretical aspects.

The next CIAA conference will be held in

Akita, Japan, from September 3 to 6, 2024
(Szilard Fazekas)

In 2025 CIAA will be hosted in Italy.

Mission Statement and Topics

Automata theory is the foundation of computer science. Its applications have spread to almost all areas of computer science and many other disciplines. In addition, there is a growing number of software systems designed to manipulate automata, regular expressions, grammars, and related structures; examples include AGL, AMORE, Automate, FADELA, FinITE, FireLite, FLAP, FSM, Grail, INR, Intex, ASTL, MONA, and Turing's World.

The purpose of these conferences is to bring together members of the academic, research and industrial community who have an interest in implementation and application of automata to demonstrate and analyze their work and to explain the problems they have been solving.

We solicit papers and demos on all aspects of implementation and application of automata and related structures, including theoretical aspects, as but not limited to:

  • Complexity of Automata Operations
  • Compilers
  • Computer-aided verification
  • Concurrency
  • Data structure design for automata
  • Data and image compression
  • Design and architecture of automata software
  • Digital libraries
  • DNA/molecular/membrane computing
  • Document engineering
  • Editors, environments
  • Experimental studies and practical experiences
  • Industrial applications
  • Natural language processing
  • Networking
  • New algorithms for manipulating automata
  • Object-oriented modeling
  • Pattern-matching
  • Quantum computing
  • Speech and speaker recognition
  • Structured and semi-structured documents
  • Symbolic manipulation environments for automata
  • Teaching
  • Text processing
  • Techniques for graphical display of automata
  • VLSI
  • Viruses, related phenomena

Past and Future Conferences

The CIAA conference actually started in 1996 as the “Workshop on Implementation of Automata” (WIA) and was renamed in 2000 to “International Conference on Implementation and Application of Automata” (CIAA):

  • CIAA 2024, Akita, Japan. PC-chair: Szilard Fazekas
  • CIAA 2023, Famagusta, Cyprus. PC-chair: Benedek Nagy
  • CIAA 2022, Rouen, France. PC-chairs: Pascal Caron and Ludovic Mignot
  • CIAA 2021, Bremen, Germany. PC-chair: Sebastian Maneth
  • CIAA 2020, Loughborough, United Kingdom (canceled). PC-chairs: Manfred Kufleitner and Daniel Reidenbach
  • CIAA 2019, Kosice, Slovakia. PC-chair: Michal Hospodár and Galina Jirásková
  • CIAA 2018, Charlottetown, Prince-Edward-Island, Canada. PC-chair: Cezar Câmpeanu
  • CIAA 2017, Marne-la-Vallée, France, PC-chairs: Arnaud Carayol and Cyril Nicaud
  • CIAA 2016, Seoul, South Korea. PC-chair: Yo-Sub Han
  • CIAA 2015, Umeå, Sweden. PC-chair: Frank Drewes
  • CIAA 2014, Giessen, Germany. PC-chairs: Markus Holzer and Martin Kutrib
  • CIAA 2013, Halifax, Canada. PC-chair: Stavros Konstantinidis
  • CIAA 2012, Porto, Portugal. PC-chairs: Nelma Moreira and Rogério Reis
  • CIAA 2011, Blois, France, PC-chairs: Béatrice Bouchou Markhoff, Jean-Marc Champarnaud, and Denis Maurel
  • CIAA 2010, Winnipeg, Canada. PC-chairs: Michael Domaratzki and Kai Salomaa
  • CIAA 2009, Sydney, Australia. PC-chair: Sebastian Maneth
  • CIAA 2008, San Francisco, USA. PC-chairs: Oscar Ibarra and Bala Ravikumar
  • CIAA 2007, Prague, Czech Republic. PC-chairs: Jan Holub and Bořivoj Melichar
  • CIAA 2006, Taipei, Taiwan. PC-chairs: Oscar Ibarra and Hsu-Chun Yen
  • CIAA 2005, Nice, France. PC-chairs: Jacques Farré and Igor Litovsky
  • CIAA 2004, Kingston, Canada. PC-chairs: Kai Salomaa and Sheng Yu
  • CIAA 2003, Santa Barbara, USA. PC-chair: Oscar Ibarra
  • CIAA 2002, Tours, France. PC-chairs: Denis Maurel and Jean-Marc Champarnaud
  • CIAA 2001, Pretoria, South Africa. PC-chairs: Bruce Watson and Derick Wood
  • CIAA 2000, London, Ontario, Canada. PC-chair: Sheng Yu
  • WIA 1999, Potsdam, Germany. PC-chair: Helmut Jürgensen
  • WIA 1998, Rouen, France. PC-chairs: Jean-Marc Champarnaud, Denis Maurel, and Djelloul Ziadi
  • WIA 1997, London, Ontario, Canada. PC-chairs: Derick Wood and Sheng Yu
  • WIA 1996, London, Ontario, Canada. PC-chairs: Darrell R. Raymond and Sheng Yu


Since the first WIA event in 1996, the proceedings appeared in the Springer LNCS series---see the CIAA conference page of DBLP (database systems and logic programming) for more details. Extended versions of selected papers from the proceedings of the conference series are usually retained for publication in special issues of either Theoretical Computer Science (TCS) or International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (IJFCS), alternating each year. Today the following special issues are available:

  • IJFCS 34-8 (CIAA 2021), Sebastian MANETH, Guest Editor.
  • TCS 870 (CIAA 2019), Galina JIRASKOVA and Cezar CÂMPEANU
  • IJFCS 31-8 (CIAA 2018), Cezar CÂMPEANU, Guest Editor.
  • TCS 787 (CIAA 2017), Arnaud CARAYOL and Cyril NICAUD, Guest Editors
  • IJFCS 28-05 (CIAA 2016), Yo-Sub HAN and Kai SALOMAA , Guest Editors.
  • TCS 679 (CIAA 2015), Frank DREWES, Guest Editor.
  • IJFCS 26-7 (CIAA 2014), Markus HOLZER and Martin KUTRIB, Guest Editors.
  • TCS 578 (CIAA 2013), Stavros KONSTANTINIDIS, Guest Editor.
  • IJFCS 24-6 (CIAA 2012), Nelma MOREIRA and Rogério REIS, Guest Editors.
  • TCS 450 (CIAA 2011), Béatrice BOUCHOU-MARKHOFF, Pascal CARON, Jean-Marc CHAMPARNAUD and Denis MAUREL, Guest Editors.
  • IJFCS 22-8 (CIAA 2010), Michael DOMARATZKI and Kai SALOMAA, Guest Editors.
  • TCS 411-38-39 (CIAA 2009), Sebastian MANETH, Guest Editor.
  • IJFCS 20-4 (CIAA 2008), Oscar H. IBARRA and Bala RAVIKUMAR, Guest Editors.
  • TCS 410-37 (CIAA 2007), Jan HOLUB, Guest Editor.
  • IJFCS 18-4 (CIAA 2006), Oscar H. IBARRA and Hsu-Chun YEN, Guest Editors.
  • TCS 363-2 (CIAA 2005), Jacques FARRÉ and Igor LITOVSKY, Guest Editors.
  • IJFCS 16-3 (CIAA 2004), Kai SALOMAA and Sheng YU, Guest Editors.
  • TCS 328-1-2 (CIAA 2003), Oscar H. IBARRA, Guest Editor.
  • IJFCS 14-6 (CIAA 2002), Jean-Marc CHAMPARNAUD and Denis MAUREL, Guest Editors.
  • TCS 313-1 (CIAA 2001), Bruce WATSON and Derick WOOD, Guest Editors.
  • IJFCS 13-1 (CIAA 2000), Sheng YU, Guest Editor.
  • TCS 267-1-2 (WIA'98), Jean-Marc CHAMPARNAUD, Denis MAUREL and Djelloul ZIADI, Guest Editors.
  • TCS 231-1 (WIA'97), Kai SALOMAA, Derick WOOD and Sheng YU, Guest Editors.

Best Paper Award

The authors of the best paper of the actual conference are awarded. The award is started in 2004 and is subtitled "Sheng Yu Award" since 2014. At the current 2023 conference at Famagusta, North Cyprus, the award was given to 

  • Luca PRIGIONIERO and Giovanni PIGHIZZINI. Two-way Machines and de Bruijn Words (CIAA 2023).

The award is sponsored by the conference, except for the years from 2004 to 2008, where the award was funded by the University of California at Santa Barbara, California, CA, USA. In the years 2020 and 2021 no award was assigned. Past recipients are:

  • Martin KUTRIB and Uwe MEYER. Syntax Checking Either Way (CIAA 2022)
  • Taylor J. SMITH and Kai SALOMAA, Decision Problems for Restricted Variants of Two-Dimensional Automata (CIAA 2019, €250)
  • Janusz BRZOZOWSKI, Lila KARI, Bai LI and Marek SZYKULA, State Complexity of Overlap Assembly (CIAA 2018, CAD$500)
  • Janusz BRZOZOWSKI and Corwin SINNAMON, Complexity of Proper Prefix-Convex Regular Languages (CIAA 2017)
  • Christos KAPOUTSIS and Lamana MULAFFER, A Logical Characterization of Small 2NFAs (CIAA 2016, KRW300)
  • Shinnosuke SEKI and Andrew WINSLOW, The complexity of fixed-height patterned tile self-assembly (CIAA 2016, KRW300)
  • Hermann GRUBER, Markus HOLZER and Sebastian JAKOBI, More on Deterministic and Nondeterministic Finite Cover Automata (CIAA 2015)
  • Maria Paola BIANCHI, Carlo MEREGHETTI and Beatrice PALANO, On the Power of One-Way Automata with Quantum and Classical States (CIAA 2014, €300)
  • Éric BALKANSKI, Francine BLANCHET-SADRI, Matthew KILGORE and Benjamin J. WYATT, Partial Word Automata (CIAA 2013, CAD$400)
  • Fedor FOMINYKH, Mikhail VOLKOV, P(l)aying for Synchronization (CIAA 2012, €300)
  • Pawel GAWRYCHOWSKI, Chrobak Normal Form Revisited, with Applications (CIAA 2011, €200)
  • Dawid WEISS and Jan DACIUK, Smaller Representation of Finite State Automata (CIAA 2011, €200)
  • Cyril ALLAUZEN, Corinna CORTES and Mehryar MOHRI, Large-Scale Training of SVMs with Automata Kernels (CIAA 2010, CAD$350)
  • Markus HOLZER and Andreas MALETTI, An nlogn Algorithm for Hyper-minimizing States in a (Minimized) Deterministic Automaton (CIAA 2009, AUS$500)
  • Parosh ABDULLA, Ahmed BOUAJJANI, Lukas HOLIK, Lisa KAATI and Tomas VOIJNAR, Composed Bisimulation for Tree Automata (CIAA 2008, US$300)
  • Mikhail V. VOLKOV, Synchronizing Automata Preserving a Chain of Partial Orders (CIAA 2007, US$300)
  • Parosh Aziz ABDULLA, Lisa KAATI, Johanna HÖGBERG, Bisimulation Minimization of Tree Automata (CIAA 2006, US$300)
  • Markus LOHREY, Sebastian MANETH, Tree Automata and XPath on Compressed Trees (CIAA 2005, US$300)
  • Lila KARI, Stavros KONSTANTINIDIS, Petr SOSIK, Substitutions, Trajectories and Noisy Channels (CIAA 2004, US$300)

Steering Committee

Currently the Steering Committee (SC) of CIAA consists of the following members (in alphabetical oder):

  • Markus Holzer, Justus Liebig University Giessen, Institut für Informatik, Giessen, Germany (Chair)
  • Oscar Ibarra, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, USA
  • Sylvain Lombardy, LaBRI UMR 5800, Université de Bordeaux, France
  • Nelma Moreira, CMUP & DCC, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto, Portugal
  • Kai T. Salomaa, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada (Co-Chair)
  • Hsu-Chun Yen, National Taiwan University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Taipei, Taiwan

In Memoriam

The whole CIAA community is unanimous in honouring the memory of our late lamented colleagues, too early passed away, Derick WOOD and Sheng YU.

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