Travel Information

The conference takes place in Limburg (an der Lahn) which lies approx. 70 km in the north-west of Frankfrut am Main. Please see the following map for orientation.

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The conference site is at the
  • Dom Hotel, Grabenstraße 57, 65549 Limburg (an der Lahn), Germany
in the heart of the old town.

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Limburg has two railway stations, namely
  • Limburg (Lahn) and
  • Limburg (Süd) ICE
While the former railway station is close to the old town (the conference site is in waling distance), the latter one is on the edge of the city, which is a 5-minute bus ride away from the old town.

Fast transportation links make Limburg an der Lahn easily reachable from all major destinations within Germany, in particular from Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). In the description given below, we assume that you arrive or start your travel to Limburg at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). In case you need further assistance please contact the organizers by sending email to with an appropriate request.

Driving by Car to Limburg

Limburg is an easy 40-minute drive from Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) along the highway A3 in the direction of Cologne (Köln). A detailed explanation how to reach the hotel by car, if you are already in Limburg can be found on the website of the hotel.

Trains to Limburg from Frankfurt International Airport (FRA)

Rail passengers to Limburg have the choice between the fast ICE trains and the much cheaper local trains. Tickets can be purchased at Frankfurt International Airport (FRA) at the
  • DB TravelCenter (Reisezentrum) in Terminal 1, B Concourse, Level 0 and
  • Ticket machines in Terminal 1, Level 0.
Reservations are almost never required on German trains. Up-to-date information on local transportation schedules and prices is available at website of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (From: Frankfurt (Main) Airport; To: Limburg (Lahn) Süd (ICE) or To: Limburg (Lahn) Bahnhof).

By ICE (Inter-City Express) Train to Limburg (Lahn) Süd (ICE)

Limburg can be reached in 20 minutes from the station "Fernbahnhof" of the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA). Note that ICE trains stop at Limburg (Süd) station, which is a 5-minute bus ride from the old town. Waiting times for the bus can easily add an additional half an hour or more to the travel time. Taxis do the run to Limburg old town in 5-minutes.

By Local Train to Limburg (Lahn) Bahnhof

Local trains are cheaper than ICE trains and have the advantage of stopping at Limburg (Lahn) station, right next to the old town. From the station "Regionalbahnhof" at the Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), local trains via Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof require 90 minutes to two hours traveling time to reach Limburg (Lahn).