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How to get there by train

In the following figure there are specified some railroading connections from several german cities which ensures an arrival at Marburg (Lahn) near Rauischholzhausen at about 17.30 h. An arrow-head means that you should leave the train in the appropriated city (either for switching or since you have already reached Marburg...). Since the connections were selected by hand, some mistakes could be made. So, you should check the given information.

AC  Aachen              HA  Hagen               L   Leipzig
A   Augsburg            HB  Bremen              M   Munich
B   Berlin              HD  Heidelberg          MA  Mannheim
BS  Braunschweig        HI  Hildesheim          MD  Magdeburg
CB  Cottbus             HH  Hamburg             MR  Marburg
D   Duesseldorf         HGW Greifswald          N   Nuernberg
DA  Darmstadt           HL  Luebeck             OL  Oldenburg
DD  Dresden             HRO Rostock             PA  Passau
DO  Dortmund            HST Stralsund           S   Stuttgart
E   Essen               J   Jena                SB  Saarbruecken
EF  Erfurt              K   Koeln               SI  Siegen
F   Frankfurt/M.        KA  Karlsruhe           TR  Trier
FB  Freiburg            KI  Kiel                TU  Tuebingen
GI  Giessen             KO  Koblenz             UL  Ulm
H   Hannover            KS  Kassel              WU  Wuerzburg
If you are interested in more detailed information you are asked to use the german railserver.

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