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Invitation and call for participation for the Cellular Automata Workshop 96

In cooperation with the IFIP working group 14.5 we are inviting everyone interested in cellular automata to a workshop taking place in Rauischholzhausen (Germany) from March 25, 1996 to March 27, 1996.

Topics of interest are all aspects of cellular automata, e.g. recognition of formal languages, computational complexity, relations to other computational models, generalizations of cellular automata, structure of (classes of) cellular automata, cellular automata as models for real phenomena.

Steering Committee


We are planning to have three full days of activity in order to allow as long talks and an as intensive exchange of ideas as possible.

If there is enough interest, a 'wild cat session' can be organized where apparent (or feigned) difficult problems and surprising solutions can be presented.

The official language will be English.


We want to have available a collection of short summaries (1-2 pages) of the talks at the beginning of the workshop. Participants are therefore urged to send their summary until Friday, March 8, 1996 in LaTeX format to one of the organizers.

Full Papers

It is intended to publish some selected papers after passing the usual refereeing process as a special issue of an international journal.


The preferred way of registration for the workshop is by using the World Wide Web registration form. If you want to register in writing get the leaflet (Postscript, 82kB), fill in the right column on the back side and send it to the organizers using e-mail, mail or fax.

Important dates and deadlines

How to get there

Schloss Rauischholzhausen is located at the border of a village with the same name in a delightful scenery near Giessen in Germany, approximately 80 km north to Frankfurt (Main). Travelling by


Schloss Rauischholzhausen is the meeting place of the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen. Besides seminar rooms there are also sufficient overnight accommodations in the Schloss itself. We are looking forward to animated discussions and a lively exchange of ideas.

The costs per night including all meals for one day are 80 DM. You'll have to pay at the venue in cash or by voucher cheque. We cannot accept credit cards, sorry.

The number of participants is limited to something above forty.

Any questions?

For further information you can also contact the organizers or send a mail via the World Wide Web.

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